Testers & Testing Instruments

friction & rub tester

There a multiple testers that can be used for measuring and lots on testing instruments out there on today’s market. Although mainly in this post we are mainly going to focus on three main testing implements. They are the friction tester, rub tester and ink rub tester. We will speak about each tester and give our expert opinion on them.

First of all is the friction tester. The friction tester is the most comprehensive measuring tool available on the market when it comes to measuring coefficient of friction. This applies to items such as plastic film, paper and cartons. This instrument can also be used to measure friction value of a flat surface such as leather. Friction testers often come with extras that are usually optional for there buyers. These extras help to measure peel strength of adhesives along with a lot more. You can find out more about our friction tester here.

Next is the rub tester. In fact here at oundle we believe the rub and abrasion tester and ink rub tester almost come hand in hand so we will discuss both at the same time. The ink rub tester aims to bring you the most convenience along with accurate  levels of respectability on any printed material. The main use of the ink tester is for scuff, marking and rub resistance of carton films and printed material.

The results this instrument produces allows it’s users to identify alternative solutions or formulations for the test products. There is optional attachments available for the ink rub tester and these attachments give the ink tester the ability the conduct tests under harsher conditions if needed.

To conclude both of these testers the friction tester and the ink rub tester are valuable and convenient for there uses. You can’t really compare one instrument against the other as they cover different areas of testing. They both are extremely accurate and are fit for the above purposes mentioned.