Key Management for Estate Agents

As an estate agent you are responsible for your client’s most important asset, their home. Keeping multiple sets of keys and having access for your staff can be a struggle. That’s where a property management key system is useful for your business as an estate agent. This will give organised access to all the property keys for you and your staff.

Only authorised personnel can access the key system to prevent duplicates being taken or the keys themselves from being taken.

Both mechanical and electronic systems are available to provide key management for estate agents. Mechanical systems use pegboards to check keys in and out of the key tracking system. Each authorised user is given a personalised access peg which is used to identify who has taken the keys from the tracking unit itself.

Electronic systems on the other hand are far more advanced as everything is tracked using unique passwords which are then submitted to logging software. RFID technology can be used to keep track of keys and items. Tags are used on the items which can then be tracked using RFID scanners situated throughout your business premises.

Electronic systems are unobtrusive and easy to use throughout the day. Everything is tracked into a log so any lost items can be identified straight away.

Estate agents often use other equipment such as laser measuring devices and damp testers. These can also be tracked using a management system like the key tracker.

Using these management systems gives confidence to your clients as it shows your business is organised and responsible with their assets.

Key Management for Estate Agents